Whether you’re building a brand new home or updating what you already have, your home’s siding has a big impact on its exterior appearance and curb appeal.

New siding is an investment and can increase your home’s market value. Since there are so materials to choose from, you might find yourself wondering where to begin. But don’t worry! There is a siding that is right for every style and budget.

In this article we will look at two of the most popular options and compare the cost of wood siding vs vinyl siding. Read on to learn more.

Cost of Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is one of the most affordable siding materials. Durable and low-maintenance, vinyl comes with very little cost after the initial installation.

On average, vinyl siding costs $3-$7 per square foot, although it can be as low as $1.50 or high as $8.50 per square foot. Hollow-back siding is on the lower side, while insulated foam-back siding comes at a higher price. However, better insulation can lower heating bills in the future.

To reside an average two-story house, this translates to $6,000-$12,000 for hollow-back or up to $20,000 for foam-back.

Note that most contractors will not separate the cost of materials from the cost of labor, but instead will quote the entire project as one price. Fortunately, because vinyl is lightweight and easy to handle, installation is quick and can lead to lower labor costs.

Vinyl has a high return on investment (ROI): roughly 80% for hollow-back and 77% for insulated.

Cost of Wood Siding

Wood siding is a premium remodel project, bringing timeless warmth and charm to your home.

The cost of natural wood siding varies depending on the year and location, so be sure to check with local contractors. It comes in many species and grades, with the higher quality options coming at a higher price.

If you’re looking for a more budget friendly than natural wood, engineered wood siding might be right for you. It brings beauty of natural wood at a more affordable cost.

Natural woods runs, on average, $7-$12 per square foot, while engineered wood ranges from $5-$10 per square foot.

You can expect to pay $14,000-$25,000 to install natural wood on an average home. An estimate for engineered wood siding is about a third less, closer to $10,000-$18,000.

Installing wood siding brings good ROI, usually about 77-79%.


We hopes this helps shed some light on cost of wood siding vs vinyl siding. As always, check with local contractors to get the most accurate prices of materials and installation.

And if you’re trying to decide whether you want to change your siding, you might like to take a look at our guide on switching from wood to vinyl siding.

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