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Restore your home, and keep it restored. American Dream Restoration offers roofing services and restoration services to Luray residents. It’s a lasting relationship, with a personal touch.

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Luray Metal Roofing Contractors that don’t Cut Corners

Most Luray metal roofing contractors use prefabricated metal, which, since it’s mass-produced in a factory, is cheaper. Unfortunately, being mass-produced, prefabricated metal roofs are less likely to fit your house exactly right. This leads to weak points and increased danger of leaks.

At ADR, however, our Luray metal roofing contrators custom make all of our panels so that they fit the roof exactly right. Additionally, we have our own equipment and machines that we bring on-site to make sure your metal roof installation goes smoothly. As a result, we are the leading metal roofing company in the area.

FAQs for Luray Metal Roofing Contractors


Do metal roofs make houses hotter?

Metal roofs can make houses hotter, but installing a ridge vent in the attic will provide greater ventilation, resulting in little difference. Another way to reduce the heat from a metal roof is by choosing a lighter color. Light grays and white are the most popular colors at the moment, and also the most reflective, which can help keep your attic space cooler.

Does a metal roof affect cell phone signal or WiFi?

No, it does not.

Does a metal roof increase home value?

Metal roofs can greatly increase home value, since a buyer is getting a roof that can last well past his lifetime. As a result, there’s no need to worry about the largest and most protective part of your house.

Can I walk on a metal roof?

Yes. Most metal roofs are fine to walk on without damaging them. We don’t necessarily recommend it, however, since they can be extremely slippery.

Does a metal roof attract lightning?

No. The belief that metal roofs attract lightning is a myth, since lightning goes after the highest structure.

How long can a metal roof last?

A well-maintained metal roof can last anywhere between 100 and 175 years. Our products have a 30-year metal roof paint warranty, so as long as it’s painted every 30 years, it’s possible to achieve the 175 year lifespan.

Are metal roofs noisy?

Metal roofs can be noisy during rain or hail storms. Since there’s typically an attic between the living space and the roof, insulation and the attic itself should mute, or lessen, any potential noise.

What color metal roof is the most energy efficient?

White roofs are the most energy efficient, since they are the most reflective.

How much does it cost to put on a metal roof?

While price can vary depending on style, the most popular standing seam metal roof ranges between $800 and $1,200. The cost can also differ due to the steepness of the roof, underlayment, etc.

What type of metal roof is best?

We recommend standing seam metal roofs, since they are extremely water-tight. Unlike corrugated metal roofs that have exposed fasteners, standing seam roofs have hidden fasteners that make it basically impossible for water to enter.
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