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How To File A Roof Insurance Claim (7 Tips)

If you have sustained a damage to your roof due to a storm, properly filing a roof replacement insurance claim is imperative to getting it approved by your homeowner’s insurance. There are very specific things that need to be included in a roof replacement insurance claim for it to be accepted. Proper documentation is one of the most critical ways to get your claim approved.

Document the Storm’s Damage to Your Roof

The first place to start when filling out your roof replacement insurance claim is for you to document the damage. There are very specific inclusions that your insurance has outlined. If you don’t document the storm’s damage properly, you run the risk of having it denied. To make sure that you have your claim approved, follow these seven tips.

roof replacement insurance claim

Check your roof for damage immediately after the storm

If you want to ensure that your roof replacement insurance claim is approved, time is of the essence. After any major storm, it is critical to have a roofing inspection done by a licensed and reputable roofer in your area. If you wait, there is no way to prove or document that the damage was directly related to the storm.


Use a storm damage checklist to help you inspect your roof

There are specific things to look for when you inspect your roof for storm damage. To ensure that it will be covered without exception, there are criteria that need to be met and documentation that you will need to have. Having a checklist with you will ensure that you provide what you need to when you file for a roof replacement insurance claim. The more details you give, the easier it will be for you to get your claim approved. For a complete list of storm damage criteria, use our roof inspection guide.


Document the damage and take pictures as a proof

It isn’t enough to have documentation in writing, any support you can lend will add credence to your roof replacement insurance claim. Taking photos of any missing, flapping, or curled shingles, will help, as will keeping any materials that were broken off. Take a picture of any visual damage you see and video if possible.



Find Out What Your Insurance Policy Covers

With every homeowner’s policy comes an explanation of benefits. Included in the policy coverage papers will be the inclusions and exclusions related to a roof replacement insurance claim. If you want to make sure to have your new roof covered, knowing what is included and what is not, will save you a lot of time and expense. Check for any additional information you will need to include, to expedite your roof replacement insurance claim. That way you won’t have to shoulder the cost while your claim is being processed.


Contact a roofing professional with insurance expertise

To ensure that things go smoothly, it is a good idea to call a roofing professional who is well versed in a roof replacement insurance claim. Not all roofers know how to check for storm damage, so if they miss the signs, you could miss your window to get your roof replaced using your homeowner’s policy. When calling a roofing specialist, make sure to ask if they have the proper knowledge to file a roof replacement insurance claim.


Get a professional roof inspection (usually free)

A reputable and experienced roofer will know exactly what criteria to look for, how to get the right documentation and will save you from having to risk getting hurt while climbing the roof. There is no sense in the homeowner putting themselves at risk when a professional roof inspection is normally free.


File your roof replacement insurance claim

Once you have collected all the information you need, and the documentation to file a roof replacement insurance claim, put it all together and send it to your homeowner’s insurance carrier. The more information you have up front, the better. Having everything right the first time will help to get it approved quickly.

If you need to have your entire roof replaced, it is important that you understand if your homeowner’s insurance will cover the cost. Follow the above seven tips to file a roof replacement insurance claim to ensure that you aren’t stuck left holding a hefty bill.




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