When it’s time to put a new roof on your home and you’re looking at all the options one of the questions you might want to ask yourself is, “how long does a composition roof last?”

There are number of different roofing materials available for homeowners, each with its distinct style, composition, and length of service – with varying expense levels. Learn more about how long a composition roof lasts from American Dream Restoration! 

What is a Composite Roof?

A composite shingle roof is one of the most popular and affordable roofing options. It differs from the older asphalt-only roofing shingles in that it contains a fiberglass-reinforcing mat at its core that is coated with asphalt and mineral fillers. Read more about the types of asphalt shingles.

Development of composite shingles came about because of a government ban on the use of asbestos fibers, explained Rick Damato, editorial director of Roofing Contractor magazine, on the Bob Vila website. This led companies to develop composite versions instead.

How Long Does a Composition Roof Last?

With an older asphalt-type shingle, a roof would be expected to last about 20 years. How long a composition roof lasts depends on the type of composite shingles chosen. A regular composite shingle can last 20 years, fiber cement about 25 years, and architectural asphalt about 30 years. A premium brand can last up to 50 years.

Because a composition roof is less expensive that other types of roofing, it will likely have a shorter lifespan than more expensive options. To make a composition asphalt roof last longer, treat it as you would your automobile and get regular roof inspections. That, plus periodic maintenance, will extend the life of your roof. HomeAdvisor gives tips on how to make any roof last longer.

How the Environment Affects a Composition Roof’s Longevity

How long a composition lasts can also depend on environmental conditions.


In rainy conditions, water could seep into a crack or weakness in the composite shingle and lead through to the wood structure below. Check occasionally for wet spots in the attic space or loose shingling nails that could compromise a shingle’s waterproofing ability.


Because of icy conditions, roof shingles can expand and contract, causing them to become loose or dislodged. Inspect composite roof shingles before and after winter months to ensure a tight fit.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a New Roof

Deciding which roof is best for your home, you will want to answer several questions – like these:

  1. How long do I expect to stay in the home?

It may not make sense to put on the most expensive roof if you know you will not be staying in your home for an extended period of time.

  1. What is my budget?

Know what you can afford for a new roof needs to be taken into consideration.

  1. What style suits my home?

Most likely you will want to match your home’s roofing materials to other homes in the neighborhood, and to the style of your home.

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We can help you select the right roofing option for your home and budget.

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