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Make Your Property a Lasting Legacy

Restore your home, and keep it restored. American Dream Restoration offers roof replacement to northern Virginia residents. It’s a lasting relationship, with a personal touch. 

Roof Replacement in Northern Virginia

American Dream Restoration is a top-rated roofing company in Virginia specializing in asphalt and specialty roofing.

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Asphalt Roof

A well-installed roof with a plan to hold us accountable for its quality.

Quick-Install Roof

A well-installed shingle roof with a quick turn-around (2-weeks or less). See if you qualify!

Specialty Roofing

A well-installed specialty roof that will make your neighbors jealous.

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We Specialize In New Roof Installation and Roof Replacement


We install and replace asphalt roofs and a variety of specialty roofs, including metal roofing, cedar shake shingles, steel roofs, slate roofs, green roofs, and more.

To ensure proper installation we have a project manager onsite as well as a crew leader to answer any questions or concerns throughout the installation. We also provide you a certificate of completion when we finish, so we know that the project isn’t finished until you’re happy.

What are my options if I decide to re-roof?

You have 2 options: a) a full roof replacement OR b) a re-cover of the existing roof system.

Option 1: Replace your roof (completely). This requires that your entire existing roof system be redone.

Option 2: Re-cover your roof system. This is a much faster & cost-friendly re-roofing option because it only requires the installation of a new roof system. (Downside? It is not a long-term solution.)

What does a roof replacement cost?

A roof replacement is one of the largest investments you will make in your home. Whether you’ve been thrown into roof replacement searching by a leak, or a seasoned homeowner doing your research, American Dream Restoration is proud to offer you affordable roofing options:

  • Asphalt shingles are the least expensive, typically $4-6 / sq. ft.
  • Metal Roofing – $8-10 / sq. ft.
  • Slate Roofing – $15-20 / sq. ft.
  • Cedar Shake – $6-8 / sq. ft.
  • Decra – $5-7 / sq. ft.
  • Da Vinci – $7-9 / sq. ft.
  • Flat/Rubber – $5-7 / sq. ft.
  • Premium Asphalt – $7-9 / sq. ft.

To read more on how much a roof costs:

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Roof?

How long can I expect my roof system to last?

How long a roof system lasts depends largely on what kind of material it is made of:

  • asphalt shingles – 40 years
  • metal – 175 years
  • slate – 175 years
  • cedar shake – 20 years
  • Decra – 50 years
  • Da Vinci – 30 years
  • Flat / Rubber – 20 years
  • Premium Asphalt – 40 years

 American Dream Restoration offers a lifetime warranty on all our roofing materials except cedar.

To read more about how long roofs last:

How Long Do Roofs Last?


What is Roof Day?

Most problems with new roofs happen within the first two years.

So every year on your roof’s birthday, we perform your “Roof Day” inspection:

  • We get up on your roof to inspect for leaks and other issues
  • We take pictures and draft a report, and send them both to you
  • We keep it on file forever

How does this benefit you?

You only need to replace a roof every 25 years. Most roofing contractors don’t do the work themselves (they use sub-contractors), and once they complete a job, it’s very hard to get them to come back (even if there are problems with your new roof).

That’s why we inspect your roof every year for the first 5 years, and then every 5 years after that.

ADR’s Roof Day program ensures that your roof is installed properly (with photo documentation), and also:

  1. Improves your resale value (it’s a documented roof replacement)
  2. Aids in submitting storm damage claims (because you have documented photos of your roof before a storm)

Don’t get ripped off by a storm-chaser. With American Dream Restoration, you’re getting a roofing contractor committed to a long-lasting relationship where we are held accountable for the quality of our work.

Roof Replacement Options

Roof Installation

Who do you trust to install your roof for you? If you want peace of mind, it seems clear that you should look for professionals that are licensed, certified, AND insured.

Your peace of mind is so important to us, that for five years after your roof installation, we will return annually and check up on the roof – FOR FREE.

Specialty Roofing

A special structure needs a special roof. When you’ve decided what kind of roof you want, you should make sure to go with a specialty roofer that offers generous warranties.

For local customers, we offer a local lifetime labor warranty.

Asphalt Roof Replacement

Looking for a quick residential roof replacement?

Click here to see if you qualify for our 2-week turn-around Residential Roof Replacement.

Our Specialty Roofing Services:


Asphalt Shingle Roofs


Slate Roofs


Decra Roofing


Steel Roofs


Metal Roofs


Cedar Shake Roofs


Flat Roofs


Custom Roofs


Specialty Roofing


Da Vinci Roofs


Green Roofs

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