When putting a new roof on your house there are many questions that need to be asked and answered. With the many choices in roofing materials, and questions like “how long does a roof last,” it’s not as simple as “just put a roof on.”

Considerations to take into account include:

  • How long are you planning to be in your house?
  • What style of home do you have?
  • What style of roof fits into your neighborhood, or is allowed by your homeowner’s association?
  • What it your budget for roofing?

We’ll cover the various types of roofing materials and talk about how long you can expect a roof to last. 

Asphalt Shingle Roofing



Of all homes use asphalt shingles.

Approximately 80% of all homes use asphalt shingle for their roofing materials. It is very affordable, easy to install, and offers a professional and pleasant appearance to your house. Its cost to install depends on the shape of your roof and the pitch. 

How Long Does an Asphalt Shingle Roof Last?

You can expect the life of an asphalt shingle roof to last between twenty and thirty years under normal conditions.

Slate Roofing

While a slate tile roof may be very attractive and long lasting, it is also one of the most expensive types of roofs due to its difficulty to install and its cost of materials and labor. Not everyone can install or work on a slate roof; you need to find a qualified installer, especially if your roof has unique conditions such as a sharp or high pitch. You do have the option of rubber tiles or faux slate that can offer a similar look.


How Long Does a Slate Roof Last?

You can expect the life of a slate roof to last up to 150 years under normal conditions.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are often found on homes that have steep pitches, but is a popular options for its long life span. It holds up well to all types of weather and its reflective nature repels UV rays and heat, leading to lower heating and cooling bills. In addition, a metal roof is highly resistant to fire.

Today’s metal roofs are no longer your vision of a sheet of metal covering the house. Nowadays they can be styled to resemble different types of materials like slate, tile, or rustic shingles, with the benefit of being much more lightweight and durable than these materials. In addition, they are recyclable, which makes them an environmentally-friendly option.


How Long Does a Metal Roof Last?

You can expect the life of a metal roof to last up to 50 years under normal conditions.

Wood or Cedar Shake Roofing

Cedar shake roofs have the benefit of lasting a long time, but have their drawbacks in the amount of maintenance they require. Since they are composed of wood, they require constant attention to remove leaves, branches and other debris that fall on and can damage them. They must be kept clean of any mold, mildew or moss. And individual shakes must be replaced quickly if they become split, cracked or curled.


How Long Does a Cedar Shake Roof Last?

You can expect the life of a cedar shake roof to last up to 40 years under normal conditions.

Concrete Tile or Clay Tile Roofing

You often see tile roofs on Spanish-, Italian-, or Mediterranean-styled homes; they are one factor that give these houses their distinctive look. Tile roofs hold up to most weather conditions easily and are quite durable, with clay tile being the most durable. One consideration to take into account is the weight of the tiles; homes often need to erect supporting structures to carry the weight.


How Long Does a Concrete Tile or Clay Tile Roof Last?

You can expect the life of a tile roof to last up to 100 years under normal conditions.

When you need to make a decision on your next roof, contact American Dream Restoration at one of our local offices in Front Royal, Woodbridge and Winchester, Virginia. Our roofing and storm damage professionals will be happy to answer any of your questions.


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